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● Brand Name : Bokbunjajoo
● Volume : 375ml, 500ml
● Alcohol : 15%
  Bohae Bokbunjaoo is high quality traditional wine from Bohae Brewery, a prestigious brewery in Korea with 56years of tradition.
Bohae Bokbunjaoo is an exceptional tasting wine that has brought the natural medicinal properties of black raspberry to life using a fixed-temperature fermentation process.

  Bohae Bokbunjajoo has been highly praised as a wine that showcases an enchanting purplish color combined with a superb taste.
It won a silver medal at 2005 Dallas Morning News International Wine Competition and was attracting great interest among wine critics and health-conscious wine lovers while showcasing. Also Bohae Bokbunjajoo was selected as a wine for APEC 2005's official dinner party.